case study

Hastings Borough Council and advicepad

Streamlining homelessness service delivery

advicepad has been developed by pad group in partnership with Blaby District Council and Hastings Borough Council. Before the inception of advicepad, Hastings Borough Council were already engaged with pad group, evaluating our housing solutions and establishing how value could be added to their existing housing service.

An opportunity was identified to combine the technical expertise of pad group with the sector knowledge of a local authority, with a view to developing a solution to the challenges being faced in delivering homelessness services.

The limitations of their previous software to adapt to their own processes, and to efficiently manage internal communications for up to 15 team members, meant supplementary tools needed to be introduced in the form of spreadsheets, emails, diary entries and physical notes and memos.

advicepad has been specifically developed to tackle these issues and provide a streamlined, easy to use and flexible solution to delivering homelessness services. In addition to the cost and time savings Hastings Borough Council wanted to achieve, the flexibility of the software to adapt to their unique requirements was also highlighted as a key benefit.

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